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GranuFlo dialysis concentrate, which is manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care (FMC), is the most prescribed dry acid concentrate used in hemodialysis. FMC treats approximately 400,000 patients at its dialysis clinics and of those; about 260,000 of them are treated with GranuFlo. In non-FMC dialysis clinics, approximately 126,000 patients are treated with GranuFlo. In late 2011, FMC notified doctors practicing in the company’s dialysis clinics that use of GranuFlo significantly increased the risk of a patient dying suddenly from cardiac arrest. According to FMCs findings, patients treated with GranuFlo were approximately six times more likely to suffer cardiac arrest than when treated with other dialysis concentrates.

Unlike rival products, GranuFlo contains more of an ingredient that the body converts to bicarbonate, which is an alkaline substance. When alkaline levels are elevated, the body cannot produce enough acid to neutralize the alkali and patients can develop a condition known as metabolic alkalosis. Metabolic alkalosis can lead to heart problems and worse, death.

Fresenius Medical Care – Failure to Warn

Alarmingly, FMC failed to notify non-FMC clinics of the dangers associated with GranuFlo until March 2012 and is currently being investigated by the Food and Drug Administration as to whether or not they violated federal regulations. Manufacturers like FMC are required to warn consumers of the risks associated with the use of a product and may be liable for the damages related to a tragic death if found to have acted negligently in the marketing of their product.

If your loved one’s death was attributed to the use of GranuFlo, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim against FMC. In a wrongful death claim, you can pursue monetary compensation for the damages associated with your loss, including:

  • Final medical bills
  • Deceased’s future earnings
  • Deceased’s anticipated savings
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Lost benefits of the victim (pension, 401K, etc.)
  • Loss of love, companionship, and guidance (if applicable).

Fostering Change 

At Estey Bomberger, our California dangerous product lawyers know that no amount of money could ever replace the life of a loved one. Our goal when helping surviving family members is to simply make sure they have the tools they need to begin putting the pieces of their life back together following a tragic loss. By filing a claim, our clients can also make sure the negligent wrongdoer is held accountable and made to pay for the harm they have caused. We feel strongly that our job is to not only help clients obtain full and fair compensation, but also to foster change in the way large corporations like FMC do business.

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For a free and confidential consultation, please call our office at no charge anytime of the day or night. When you call, your call will be taken by one of our caring wrongful death lawyers and not a case manager or paralegal. You can also reach one of our experienced lawyers by submitting a free online case consultation request form. We understand the physical, emotional and financial effects an unexpected loss can have on victim’s family members and are dedicated to helping families see justice served.


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